Collins Elesiro

Collins hails from the Eastern part of Nigeria, and spent his formative years there. Although he started off with a course in Electrical Electronics Engineering at a University in Nigeria, Collins has a B.A. (Hons) in Business Management from the University of Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom.

After graduating from the University, Collins became the Founder & CEO of Crystalinks Investment & Services Ltd., a company he single-handedly established without an initial capital, and which has now become a fast-growing, phenomenal company in the UK with the head office in London and several other subsidiaries operating around the globe. He also runs a fashion Label; Snillocs Wears, and is the author of bestselling book, A Guide to Tuition Free Education Abroad (How to Study Abroad for Free).


Aside business, the Crystalinksis and Snillocs Wears CEO has a notable penchant for humanitarian endeavours as part of the profit from his business are channelled towards caring for the less-privileged children and orphans, most especially in developing countries in Africa. He has also pioneered and partnered with several other charitable organisations, the most notable of which is the Child’s Lover Foundation Nigeria, an establishment which has the interest of underprivileged children as its paramount concern.

More About Me


As an entrepreneur, Collins has mainly thrived in the fields of Public Speaking, Coaching, Mentorship, and Education Consultancy, the latter which resulted in the birth of the trademark company; Crystalinks Education, one of his subsidiary companies. Owing to the help of its team of experts and dedicated education consultants, Crystalinks Education has assisted thousands of international students secure admissions in Universities and Colleges abroad.

Out of the need to help international students with little or no money, who due to their financial situations have watched their dreams slip away, Collins wrote his bestselling book; A Guide to Tuition Free Education. This was to help students combat their fears of limitation, while offering a ray of hope that one can achieve whatever he sets his mind to achieve, with or without money, as several opportunities abound everywhere.

This decision to assist incapacitated, inexperienced, and uninformed international students with ambitions and dreams of studying overseas was born from Collins’ prior experience as a Nigerian student seeking admission in high educational institutions Overseas

Having subscribed to the services of an International Education Agent at the time, Collins realised he could help other disillusioned students back home in Africa who, like him, had the financial capacity and, in a quest for international exposure and opportunities, nursed an ambition to study abroad, but lacked a knowledge on how to go about it.

Collins’ flair for public speaking began at a young age when he started speaking in gatherings of high school students, youth workshops, church events and outreaches. As one of the leaders of the Church Youth Fellowship, his passion for teaching, motivating, developing, and leading others to self-discovery and actualization added to his enthusiasm for excellence, and in the long run became a propelling force for taking up courses in coaching and mentorship. Today, Collins is a certified trained Personal Life Development and Small Business Coach, who speaks before large audiences, sharing the stage with High-Profile Speakers around the world; inspiring, motivating and changing thousands of people’s lives worldwide.

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