Coaching & Mentoring

Collins Elesiro has a record of helping individuals and organizations achieve their set goals faster than they imagine.

The ideas, insights, and experiences he has gained from heading a multinational company has enabled and equipped him to be an excellent coach & mentor for small business owners, and early start-ups. He makes tremendous Return on Investments (ROI) for his clients and transforms their lives in awesome ways!

Over the years, Collins has trained, coached, and worked with a large number of business owners and staff of large companies, offering them great ideas and advice on business and personal life situations, and helping them make excellent decisions in these areas.

He is committed, focused, and will be pleased to mentor/guide you through your business projects!

Personal Life Development Coaching

Small Business & Early start-ups Coaching

Consulting & Mentorship

Strategic Planning

However, due to a, need to focus on his clients, Collins can only work with a handful of clients at a time, and so prefers to create a year-long program to maximize the use of his time. He can also do an all-day strategy session, with you and/or your team, as a chance to leverage the available skills and knowledge for your benefits.

Your coaching session can be done via Skype, Zoom, over phone lines or in person, as distance should not be a barrier

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Are you ready to sky-rocket your small business? Do you need a hand-holding or a complete guide for your upcoming business projects? Book a coaching session with Collins Elesiro at, and we will help you grow your business!

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