What I can do for you


Collins Specialises in The Following Areas of Service:

– Public / Motivational Speaking

– Personal Life Development Coaching

– Small Business & Early start-ups

– Consulting & Mentorship

– Strategic Planning

You should know…

If there is one thing of which Collins is most proud, it would be his humanitarian work through Non-Profit Foundations. When asked about his humanitarian activities and why he focuses most of his resources and time on that, Collins had this to say: “I believe if we, the fortunate few, are blessed enough to have insight and to have economic opportunities, then we are also blessed enough to be able to give back to the society from which all our wealth and resources comes from. To those whom much is given, much is expected”.


If you are interested to see a billion lives changed in the next 5 years, through the creation of a great legacy that would stand the test of time for several generations to come, and change the world, then drop me a message on hello@collinselesiro.com, let’s talk!

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